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IP address

To access the router admin page enter Go to your browser's URL bar or click the box below.

Log in

Instructions on how to log in to manage routers and wifi modems ?

To log in to the admin page of your router or wifi modem, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and access the IP address in the address bar.
  2. Enter your username and password with the login name admin and the password admin or password (written on the back of the Router, WiFi Modem)
  3. After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to the management page of the router or wifi modem. At this point, you can change the configuration of network settings such as network name, password, DHCP settings, VPN settings...

    Users should also note that the login process may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your wifi router or modem.

What is IP address ?

The IP address is an IP address of the private IP address type.

Because it is often used as the IP address of a router or modem to manage and configure network devices, users must definitely learn information about this IP! is an IP address in the private IP address range commonly used in home or business internal networks. This IP address is often assigned to routers or modems to manage and configure network devices.

Just log in to this address and you can:

  1. Access the router or modem management page. From there, you can make settings and customizations related to networking, security, Wi-Fi configuration, and many other network device features.
  2. By accessing the IP address, you can set network configuration such as configuring IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS, and other network settings.
  3. Provides information about network status and other technical parameters of the router or modem. You can use this IP address to check and fix network errors, such as checking the Internet connection, viewing a list of devices connected to the network, and viewing other network parameters

Information about account and password to log in to

Currently, the account logged in to will be printed on the back of the Router or Wifi Modem. Besides, you can use valid, free accounts and passwords including:

Default login information

IP Address: 70%
Username: admin
Password: admin
IP Address: 12%
Username: admin
Password: -
IP Address: 12%
Username: admin
Password: password
IP Address: 03%
Username: admin
Password: motorola

Which Router brand usually uses the default address ?

Some Router brands on the market today use this default address including:

Encore,Medialink,Intracom,Fon Wireless,Toshiba,Jetstream,Ic Intracom,We Vo,Keebox,Maginon,Radio Locus,Nec,Sabrent,Trendnet,Comfast,Winstars,Wavlink,Cudy,Zio,Zyxel,D Link,Megadyne,Motorola

How to reset router username and password?

  1. If you forget your router or ADSL modem login password, you need to reset the device to restore factory settings.
  2. Find the default password of your router or ADSL modem. You can find this information in the manual or on the device's label.
  3. If you can't find the default password, you can reset the router or modem. There is usually a hidden reset button on the device.
  4. Power on the device and use a toothpick or small comb to press and hold the Reset button for more than 10 seconds.
  5. After holding the Reset button for a sufficient time, release it to restore the device to factory settings and restart automatically.

Ways to handle problems when logging in

If you cannot log in to the address, it may be because you entered the wrong IP as 192.168.l0.1

If you enter the wrong username or password, you cannot log in. Therefore, please check this information carefully.

If you forget your login password, hold down the small black button on the back of the router for about 10 seconds to return the Wifi Router/Modem to its original setting state.

If the Router login page fails to load, check whether the wireless network is connected and whether the router's IP address is set as the default address.

In case the Router login page is slow due to using a different IP address, use a router with a different IP address and find the correct one.

Please note that the device reset procedure may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the router or modem you are using.

When you do not have the knowledge or experience to fix this error, you need to immediately contact a professional to handle it promptly.


Hopefully the information we provide to readers about IP will help you better understand this IP. This is a familiar address that Internet users need to know and operate properly!

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