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IP address

To access the router admin page enter Go to your browser's URL bar or click the box below.

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How to Login ?

Follow these simple steps to login to your Router with IP address.

  1. Open a web browser and go to or into the URL bar of the browser.

  2. A login page will appear asking you to enter your username "admin" and password "admin".

  3. Enter username and password in the specified fields.

  4. You will now be logged into your router's Admin Panel.

What is IP address ? is used by router brands such as Xfinity Comcast, LPB Piso WiFi as default IP address to login admin settings at By logging in to you can manage the wireless settings of the router such as changing WiFi password, network name (SSID), create guest network.

Unable to access

With, you may encounter some issues while you’re trying to access the Admin Panel. These issues may include:

  • The default gateway address of your router or device is other than due to which the browser is not able to locate the Admin Panel at Find the correct gateway address and try again.
  • You are not typing the correct IP address in the URL bar of the browser. Sometimes, users may type, add https:// at beginning, mistake “0” (zero) for “O” or which is an invalid address as a gateway IP address contain four decimal numbers which is represented in dot-decimal notation and here it is of five values due to which you are having trouble to access the Admin Panel.
  • Performing a restart of your WiFi network and router is the most common way of fixing. Wait at-least few minutes before reconnecting to your network.
  • Ensure you are able to browse other websites, in case of network outages from your ISP during peak hours you may encounter such issue.
  • Your browser stores cache and cookies locally in your device, try removing them.
  • In case some misconfiguration occurred in your previous session, you may perform reset your gateway to its factory default settings. To reset your router configuration to its default settings unplug your router power and press the small “reset” button at the back of it for about 10 seconds. Once the lights at the front of router starts blinking it means the modem has successfully reset.
Reset moderm

Note: Factory reset should be your last option if all previous methods didn’t worked as this is not same as “restart” because this will revert all your manual settings such as your SSID (network name), password, guest networks, MAC filtration.

During this process any device connected to the WiFi (laptop, mobile, TV) will get disconnected. If you are using Xfinity Voice you will be not able to make or receive any calls including emergency calls until the gateway is back online.

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